Neal and Mary Pruett: Beef Heart - It was delicious.  Neal was so surprised.  Had the texture similar to beef jerky but was not tough at all.  Neal's grandfather used to eat beef heart alot so Mac knew how to cut it in strips because of the striated muscles.
I would recommend it :)

Juanita Shelton ~ I  found a pack of stew beef in the freezer that I got from you at some point - It yelled "soup" as soon as I picked it up. Yum, Yum - delicious!

~~ Doris Petree ~  If anyone wants great beef with no additives Ridgecrest Farms is the place to go; I have purchased my second quarter of beef and it is very tasty; unlike the beef I have bought in grocery store; there is not comparison; and now u can buy individual beef packages without getting a whole quarter; I advise u to try it..... Thanks Mark and Dorinda..

~~ Debbie Landreth Pugh ~ More praises! We grilled a T-Bone last night. All I got to say is OH MY GOODNESS/Tender/Yummiful!

~~ Shirley McAdams ~  One Bray roast put in crock pot with several different seasonings - cook all day - add carrots and onions - side dishes of veggies ....... YUM!!!!! :)

~~ Lynn Parker Ayers ~ The steak was delicious. We are satisfied customers of Ridgecrest Farms!! Walter will be calling you to see if you have any more sirloin steaks.

I cooked Ridgecrest Farm rib eyes tonight over charcoal. Delicious.... -Zac

~Another great meal posted with Ridgecrest Farm ground beef! This time by Chalei Bingman Ferguson! Looks Yummy!

Kimberly Hemric:  After buying our beef from the farmers market in Danbury. "Chowing down on taco salad made with Ridgecrest Farm beef!

Customer Comments & Photos

Ridgecrest Farm Beef

~ Pat Jensen 
Had a wonderful dinner at Victoria and Philip's house. T-Bone steaks from Ridgecrest Farm! I think we could have cut them with a butter knife, they were soooooo tender! Dorinda, you raise some mighty tasty tender beef!!! Taz actually ate 2 whole steaks! (and the furkids are happily finishing up the bones)

~ Leslie Warren ~  I just had a hamburger for dinner from Ridgecrest Farm beef and it was delicious!