Our cattle are raised in the most humane way possible. They are outside on grass pasture and are fed home raised hay and free choice feeds to produce excellent marbling & flavor and to maintain a more consistent product. We do not use artificial growth implants or other additives for growth promotions.  We also have 100% Grass Fed beef.​ This beef has been on pasture and fed home raised grass hay ONLY.

Ridgecrest Farm is a family owned and operated beef cattle and poultry farm. We market our locally grown, pasture raised, quality beef in Stokes County North Carolina and surrounding areas.

We have lots of individual cuts. This is not grocery store Beef! Try us and you will see the difference. Please contact us  336-871-4100   More info on our contact page.

We have our beef locally processed at Mitchell's Meat Processing in Walnut Cove. It's vacuum sealed and flash frozen to maintain quality and freshness.~~ All of our beef is inspected and packaged by a USDA Inspected Facility!

Ridgecrest Farm Beef

  • Healthy Beef
  • Locally and Humanely Home Grown
  • Naturally Lean and Tender
  • Available by the Pound, ¼, ½, or Whole
  • Dry Aged for 2-3 weeks to promote tenderness

Striving To Produce the Finest Beef Available

​100% Grass Fed and Traditionally Fed